The implementation of the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement is driving the need for systematic and regular collection, preparation, and reporting of diverse data by Parties to the agreement. Information systems are the tool best suited for systematic data management, and many countries are embarking on projects to develop a new or enhance an existing information system. However, the development of an information system is a complex project for which project developers in the Departments of Climate Change of many countries lack experience and sufficient understanding of software development process. 

This webinar can help you to:
• Understand what is an information system for climate action & support, and what it can do
• Identify the steps and arrange a road map for establishing information systems for climate action & support
• Review a case study of the development of an integrated information system for climate action & support, discussing the challenges and lessons learned

Gerardo Sanchez (UNEP DTU Partnership)
Henning Wuester (ICAT)
William Agyemang-Bonsu (UNFCCC Secretariat)
Ana Cardoso (UNEP DTU Partnership)
Ana Lucía Mora (Climate Change Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica)
information systems
Enhanced transparency framework
climate action information
support information
Costa Rica