The implementation of CBIT project in Uganda began in 2018 and is now almost ending. The project has three components geared towards strengthening the capacity of Ugandan institutions to comply with the transparency requirements of the Paris Agreement, namely: strengthening institutional arrangements for robust MRV system; building capacity to collect, process, and feed data into the GHG emission inventory system; and testing and piloting the GHG emission inventory system and the MRV system.

The webinar focuses on the lessons learned from the implementation of CBIT Uganda project, including results, challenges, recommendations, and sustainability strategy.

Slides - The CBIT Uganda Experience: results, challenges, lessons and recommendations

Q&A Summary

Irene Chekwoti, Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda
Charity Nalyanya , Conservation International
Peter Alele, Conservation International
Victor Esendi, Conservation International
Felly Mugizi, Africa Innovations Institute
Ana Cardoso, UNEP DTU Partnership
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