OCTOBER 23, 2019
11:00AM to 12:00PM
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About this event

The CBIT Global Coordination Platform is inviting you to join its next webinar on Lessons learned and good practices from CBIT project implementation in Kenya.

Hosted by the UNEP DTU Partnership and supported by the Global Environment Facility, the CBIT Global Coordination Platform (GCP) is established to foster knowledge-sharing and peer-learning among CBIT countries worldwide. To this end, the CBIT Global Coordination Platform regularly organizes webinars for the CBIT community to share lessons learned and good practices from countries.

28 countries globally are currently in the process of accessing CBIT funding to strengthen national climate transparency systems and 15 countries have initiated actual implementation of CBIT project activities. In addition, a number of countries receive technical support through global and regional CBIT projects.

The large number of countries involved in CBIT activities creates opportunities for valuable knowledge sharing and peer learning across borders and this webinar will focus on extracting good practices from the implementation of the CBIT project in Kenya. The CBIT project in Kenya has been implemented as the first CBIT project globally and the national CBIT team will therefore provide valuable insights on lessons learned from the almost two years of project implementation.

The webinar is an opportunity for countries to learn about and discuss different aspects, both administrative and technical, of CBIT project implementation.


  • Frederik Staun, Project Manager CBIT Global Coordination Platform, UNEP DTU Partnership
  • Mike Olendo, Project Manager CBIT Kenya, Conservation International Kenya
  • With support from Peter Alele, Project Director, CBIT Kenya  and Charity Nalyanya, GEF Manager Africa, Conservation International



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Susanne Konrad


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