This document is dedicated to supporting countries in implementing their NDCs. It is informed by technical assistance that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have been providing to a number of developing countries on their national processes for implementing NDCs. 

Recognizing that NDC implementation is inherently country-driven and location-specific, this document is not meant to be prescriptive. Instead it provides an overview of critical issues that countries can keep in mind while devising their implementation strategies. Also, the document is far from comprehensive. Each of the issues covered in the document deserves more detailed dedicated guidance, but this was beyond the scope of the document.

This document walks countries through the choices they will face in developing implementation strategies, laid out in five general steps detailed in turn in Chapters 2 through 6: aligning climate and development objectives, though integrated implementation of the NDCs and SDGs; preparing for NDC implementation; developing a finance strategy, monitoring and reporting NDC progress and achievement; and revising strategies and preparing for subsequent NDCs. Readers may choose to read this document sequentially or focus on specific chapters, based on their needs.

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