Global CBIT Platform phase II: A unified support platform and program for article 13 of Paris Agreement

To provide global streamlined support, capacity building and coordination to help developing countries meet enhanced transparency requirements under article 13 of Paris Agreement

GEF project grant
USD 2.000.000
Concept approval
Project document approval
Start date
End date
Executing agencies

Project outcomes

Developing countries increasingly access information and knowledge in support of article 13 of Paris Agreement

Developing countries can document and share progress, support needed and received, and good practice on article 13 implementation, including gender mainstreaming



UN Environment

United Nations Development Programme

UNEP DTU Partnership

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Conservation International

Other GEF implementing agencies

Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement

International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV

Countries with CBIT projects

Development partners


UNFCCC Parties



Knowledge Management Approaches

Capture and share knowledge from country-level projects and other transparency-related initiatives

Develop a long-term data management plan

Generating knowledge products

Maintaining the content in the platform

Provide support for South-South exchanges

Increase knowledge accessibility by distributing information from regional workshops to other regions, and translating materials into multiple languages

<Narrative description of progress in project implementation to be provided by country focal point>

Concept note of the project, describing the project´s objective, outcomes and outputs.

11 June 3:00PM to 4:00PM - 2020, Europe/Copenhagen