The Paris Agreement was adopted at the Twenty-First Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Paragraph 84 of the COP decision adopting the Paris Agreement decided to establish “a Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency in order to build institutional and technical capacity, both pre-and post-2020”.

The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) “will support developing country Parties, upon request, in meeting enhanced transparency requirements as defined in Article 13 of the Agreement in a timely manner”.

The trust fund for CBIT is administered by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The CBIT is now fully integrated into GEF-7 replenishment through the climate change focal area, and is open for applications.

All developing country Parties have access to CBIT funds upon request, and all GEF policies and procedures apply to projects supported by the CBIT. For detailed information, read the programming directions for CBIT. 



The CBIT Global Coordination Platform is established to support the management of the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency, in line with the programming directions for CBIT (paragraph 20). The platform brings together practitioners from countries and agencies in order to:

  • Enable coordination
  • Identify needs and gaps in national transparency systems
  • Share lessons learned through regional and global meetings
  • Enable knowledge sharing to facilitate transparency enhancements
  • Track progress in the enhancement of countries' capacity to meet enhanced transparency requirements
  • Facilitate access to emerging practices, methodologies, and guidance on transparency of climate action and support
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