The Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development is responsible for:

  • define and periodically update the national policy and implement strategies and actions related to its fields of competence;
  • develop and ensure the monitoring of compliance with technical standards and regulations in all areas of its competence;
  • apply the Community directives on its areas of expertise within the African integration policy;
  • assist local communities in the design, organization and management of activities in its fields of competence;
  • planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluation and control of all the shares of its areas of expertise to improve the living environment of the population;
  • participate in the mobilization of funding for the implementation of policies, plans, programs and projects in the fields of its competence;
  • attend general meetings and activities of international and regional institutions in its fields of competence;
  • organize and promote the trades and professions related to the environment, management of climate change, the sustainable management of forest and wildlife resources, housing, land use and urban development;
  • monitor the implementation of Benin's commitment to sustainable development as well as international and regional conventions concerning its fields of competence;
  • ensure implementation of the principles of land use planning in all development policies and strategies to ensure the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territories;
  • equitable and harmonious development of the country through the promotion of regional development centers;
  • interfacing between Benin and regional and international organizations in the field of territorial development;
  • implement procedures and measures against all forms of pollution and damage the integrity of the living environment;
  • implement procedures for managing the domain and land;
  • proceed with the confirmation of land rights and the issue of land ownership certificate;
  • implement all the legal and technical instruments for field management of land in Benin.

Its mission is to develop and ensure the implementation and monitoring and evaluation of policies and strategies of the environmental state of climate change management, reforestation, protection of resources Natural and forestry, conservation of urban ecosystems, protection of riverbanks and coastlines, sanitation, housing, construction, land and fields of mapping,
cadastre, geomatics and planning of the territory.