JUNE 24, 2020
10:00AM to 11:00AM
MRV process
Enhanced transparency framework
CBIT national projects

About this event

The Global Support Programme for MRV (GSP UNDP) in collaboration with UNDP Serbia and UNDP North Macedonia are holding this webinar to present how implementation of a CBIT project can be used for structuring comprehensive MRV systems under the enhanced transparency system and how climate transparency can be used to enhance climate action.


  • Moving to Biennial Transparency Reports: Damiano Borgogno, UNDP
  • Structuring comprehensive MRV system for Serbia under the enhanced transparency framework: Miroslav Tadic, UNDP Serbia; and Snezana Ostojic Paunovic, UNDP Serbia
  • Using climate transparency to enhance climate action - the North Macedonian experience: Pavlina Zdraveva, UNDP North Macedonia; Petranka Boncheva, UNDP North Macedonia

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