Objective: To provide professional services to carry out all technical activities necessary to lead and technically support the preparation, readiness, preparation, reporting, control and quality assurance of the National Inventory of Greenhouse Gases, black carbon and precursor gases of Colombia, as well as provide technical support for the design and development of the National System of Greenhouse Gas Inventories (SINGEI).

Target audience: Natural persons who meet the profile specified in this call for proposals.

Deadline for receipt of technical and economic proposals: March 30, 2023, at 06:00 p. m.

To the e-mail convocatoriascbit@natura.org.co with the subject: Professional leader INGEI, GEF CBIT project.

Duration of contract Twelve months (12) counted from the date of signature of the contract.

Monthly value:  Ten million pesos ML/CTE ($10,000,000.)

The call for proposals is published on Fundación Natura's website and can be consulted through the following link: https://natura.org.co/convocatoria-lider-inventario-nacional-ingei/

29 March 2023