APRIL 24, 2018 to April 26, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Agenda and presentations

24 April 2018: Coordination Meeting

     14:00 - 14:30  Opening and initial inputs on CBIT
         Presentation: Where are we with CBIT: Progress on its establishment and operationalization - GEF

     14:30 - 15:45  New support initiatives and ongoing implementation of projects increase the need for enhanced coordination
         Presentation: ICAT and outcomes achieved - ICAT
         Presentation: The Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement - PATPA
         Presentation: The CBIT global coordination platform: how can developing countries benefit? - UNEP DTU Partnership
         Presentation: The MRV/Transparency Group of Friends - UNFCCC

     16:10 - 17:40  How should we make use of existing tools and opportunities to enhance impact of actions while streamlining coordination?
          Brainstorming session


See the outcome report of the coordination meeting.



25 April 2018: Day 1 of Technical Workshop

      9:00 - 9:45  Opening remarks

      9:45 - 10:30  The enhanced transparency/monitoring reporting and verification framework
         Presentation: The enhanced transparency and MRV framework - UNFCCC
         Presentation: Status of NCs and BURs submissions and relevance for the transparency - UN Global Support Programme

      11:00 - 11:40  Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency
          Presentation: The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency - GEF

      11:40 - 12:20  Institutional arrangements in the framework of CBIT
          Presentation: Lebanon
          Presentation: Swaziland

      13:40 - 14:20  Tools to support national MRV systems in the framework of CBIT
          Presentation: Mexico
          Presentation: Costa Rica

      14:20 - 15:00  NDC tracking in the framework of CBIT
          Presentation: Serbia

      15:00 - 15:40  Adaptation M&E in the framework of CBIT
          Presentation: Cuba
          Liberia (no presentation)

      16:00 - 16:40  Monitoring and reporting of support needed and received
          Presentation: Ethiopia
          Presentation: Georgia

      16:40 - 17:30  Enhancing coordination on CBIT
          Presentation: The CBIT global coordination platform - UNEP DTU Partnership
          Presentation: ICAT's initial results and integration with CBIT - ICAT

      17:30 - 18:10  Marketplace - support options and tools for transparency


26 April 2018: Day 2 of Technical Workshop

      9:00 - 9:15  Plenary recaps from day 1

      9:15 - 10:20  Examples of peer to peer collaborations on MRV and transparency
          Presentation: The Latin American Network on Greenhouse Gas Inventories - Chile
          Presentation: The West African Network on MRV - Cote d'Ivoire
          Presentation: The Balkan Cluster on Gender and Transparency - FYRO Macedonia
          Presentation: The Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement - PATPA

      10:20 - 16:00  Breakout sessions
          Sharing best practices on MRV: how can countries learn from each other
          The CBIT global coordination platform as a tool useful for you
          Roadmap for a potential phase 2 to expand the CBIT global coordination platform
          Presentations of groups' interactions in plenary

      16:15 - 17:15  Next steps and wrap up


See the outcome report of the technical workshop.