APRIL 18, 2017 to April 20, 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

Agenda and presentations

18 April 2017: Coordination Meeting

     13:45 - 14:15 Introduction and meeting objectives

     14:15 - 15:45 The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency and expected results
         Presentation: Role of CBIT in the transparency framework of the Paris Agreement - UNFCCC
         Presentation: Overlook on the implementation of CBIT - GEF
         Presentation: A donor perspective - United Kingdom
         A donor perspective - Germany (no presentation)

     16:05 - 17:35  Fostering coordination in the implementation of transparency and CBIT activities
         Presentation: Initiative for Climate Action Transparency - ICAT
         Presentation: Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement - PATPA
         Presentation: Supporting the implementation of the MRV arrangements and Transparency Framework - GSP
         Presentation: LECB and NCD support programme - UNDP
         Presentation: CBIT Global Coordination Platform - UNEP DTU Partnership
         Presentation: MRV Group of Friends - UNFCCC

     17:35 - 18:30 Next steps: how do we move forward to improve coordination of transparency initiatives globally, regionally, and nationally?
          Brainstorming session


See the outcome report of the coordination meeting.



19 April 2017: Day 1 of Technical Workshop

     9:00 - 9:45 Opening and workshop objectives

     9:45 - 11:00 The enhanced transparency and MRV framework
         Presentation: MRV and transparency framework as it relates to developing countries - UNFCCC
         Presentation: Status of NCs and BUR submissions and relevance for the transparency framework - GSP
         Presentation: A country experience with BUR - Chile

     11:30 - 13:00 Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency
         Presentation: Assessing the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency - GEF
         Presentation: CBIT support in the framework of the MPGs - UNFCCC

     14:15 - 15:20 National CBIT projects
         Presentation: Costa Rica's Integrated Transparency Framework - Costa Rica
         Presentation: Enhancing the system for land based emissions estimation in Kenya - Kenya
         Presentation: Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency in Uruguay - Uruguay

     15:20 - 16:40 The CBIT Global Coordination Platform
         Presentation: The CBIT Global Coordination Platform - UNEP DTU Partnership

     17:00 - 18:00 Developed and developing countries' experience with transparency and MRV frameowrks
         Presentation: Transparency frameworks in Japan - Japan
         Presentation: State of play on international MRV in FYRO Macedonia - FYRO Macedonia
         Presentation: South Africa's climate change monitoring and evaluation system framework - South Africa


20 April 2017: Day 2 of Technical Workshop

     9:00 - 10:20 Gaps and needs for MRV or enhanced transparency frameworks
         Presentation: Peru's analysis of the gaps and needs in implementing MRV or enhanced transparency - Peru

     10:20 - 13:15 Breakout sessions on gaps and needs
         What are the key priorities in the context of the enhanced transparency framework?
         What are the main challenges countries may face in the CBIT work?
         What is needed to establish an effective process to implement the transparency framework at country level?
         What are the capacity gaps and support needs to address the gaps for the implementation of the transparency framework?

     14:30 - 15:30 Support available to developing countries on transparency frameworks
         Presentation: Conservation International
         Presentation: Food and Agriculture Organization
         Presentation: The Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement
         Presentation: Information Matters - GIZ
         Presentation: Initiative for Climate Action Transparency - UNEP DTU Partnership
         Presentation: Global Support Programme - UNDP
         Presentation: LECB and NDC Support Programme - UNDP
         Presentation: The CBIT Global Coordination Platform - UNEP DTU Partnership


See the outcome report of the technical workshop.